Sunday Currently |volume 07|

What’s up guys? I am feeling extra productive today so I opted to write a Sunday Currently entry before I hit the hay. 


Instead of reading my accounting book, I opted to sneak at my social media accounts and read some updates about the current happenings in the world.


I am currently working for some literary piece but I wasn’t able to finish it yet, for some reason. This hell week is vanquishing my mind. 


Two less lonely people in the world by KZ Tandingan on Spotify

Been playing this song a hundred times and still not yet get sated. It is so beautiful and so refreshing in mind. This song begins and ends my day already. Last Song Syndrome hitted me so much with this song. The artist who sang this song was totally an amazing woman. I love her already❤️.

About the essence of our examination day, is there any? Absurd, if most of the students will look at their notes and phones to get some answer. One of the stupidiest thing I have done this week is letting them do unjust things during exams. It is not just because I am making myself insensitive but I just don’t really care. But I really can’t take it anymore. The best thing you can give to yourself is honesty. Making yourself proud through faking perfection is such a disgrace. It’s better to fail the exam than to fool yourself.


The iced coffee I’d made myself. It tastes better than the Iced Coffee I have ordered in a fast food chain this morning. 


For all of us to have a great week; less negative vibes and less toxic people to come in contact with. 

For a productive week for my blogger/writer-self. And also to get a good grade for my exams. But whatever the results might be, I will be grateful and genuinely happy cause I didn’t cheat like what others did. 


A short and a loose shirt


When Michael Faudet had noticed me on Twitter😭😍😍, my all time favorite author had noticed me. Oh my gosh. My heart turned to goo. Actually there are 4 celebrities who have noticed me on Twitter. The first one is Alessandra de rossi (@msderossi). Love her movie #KitaKita with Empoy ( best Filipino movie I have ever watched and will be forever in my mind and heart, my 2017 is already completed because of this awesome movie). Second is Michael Faudet, third is Mikey Wax and the last one is Bianca Gonzales. It’s funny cause not just once but many times those celebs had noticed me on Twitter😂😍😭❤️. 

A lot of time to relax, especially my brain that had already drained after exams. 

A ton of iced coffee, to perk up my day.


Happy and a bit sad. Happy because of the good and simple things that made me happy genuinely. A bit sad because I have to go to school tomorrow. 


And now that you’re 18

Your redicilousness girly ways

Turn up my boring days

A milestone age you have reached today

No longer a child, 18 birthdays have sped away

You are the epitome

Of how a friend should be

Now that you’re all grown up

Enjoy your life to the fullest like an overflowing cup

I wish you a birthday simply sublime

One to remember for a lifetime

Nanang you’ve finally reached the age of 18!

How Kita Kita (I see you) change my perception to Genuine love.

Anyone has the right to love and to be love. Those feeling of giddiness that you’ll feel everytime you’re with him/her. But what is really the meaning of love? Does it has a boundary or limitation? Does it requires good looks? Does the span of relationship really matters? Does small things create really much? Those are the inquiries that will be answered adequately with a twist.
Love is undefined. It varies from people to people according to their perceptions and experiences. Love comes deliberately, as Lea says: “when your world changes and in everything you do you always think of him/her first, you’ll see it when your expression changes everytime you see him/her”. In an absurd way, As Tonyo says: you can feel giddiness at the last drop of your pee. Love is boundless, it has no discernment. Love has no judgment, everyone can love, Love has no partiality, it is fair and just.
The most crucial thing about love is, physical appearace doesn’t really matter at all. What is essential is your genuine heart and loyal intention.

When you love someone, you gotta set him/her first before anything else in this world. It is delightful to experience love. The span of relationship doesn’t matter if how long or short you’ve been together, as long as you’ve experienced true love and complete happiness, while doing the things that both of you love the most, or the other way around you both accompanied each other through good times and dark times. Those moment that both of you escort each other in doing what you both love. Happiness of each other really matters in you. That’s the role of love sacrificing your own happiness for the boon’s of your love. It is not true that if your love one had gone away, you’ll never be fixed again. He/she just vanished in your sight but will still be alive in your heart as long as you are breathing.

Appreciate every single thing that people and things had offered to you. Do not wait for the time that it is already too late. At the very beginning we should learn how to value everything that made us smile not just once but everyday. There are people that at first we dont notice but they are the most deserving to offer our time. Sometimes chasing other people will just make us away from the path of genuine happiness. As Tonyo says:

“Ang labo mo.Noong nakakakita ka, hindi mo ako nakita.Tapos noong nabulag ka, saka mo ako nakita” Some people say that you won’t realize the true value or worth of someone if he or she is already gone. At first, we should let them feel that they are really important us, As Tonyo says “It’s now, It’s never!.
You will realize many things in this world that at first you dont give a tinker’s damn.

Figure me out

It all started

Quite a long time ago

When I found myself boredom

Staring in an empty sheet and a pen

Suddenly I give it a tinker’s damn

I inclined thoughts into my heart

For no apparent reason

I found it fun and relish

A genteel way to release my inner notion

The words come out through my brain

The feelings fall out through my heart

When they fuse together, it satisfies me

I am hundred percent genuine when I write

I compose everything that happened to me

I write everytime I feel blue

I write everytime I feel merry

I write to express myself

I also write for some bizarre moment

I also write when I feel nothing 

I also write when I am in pain

I will write whatever I might feel

I will write for it won’t judge me

I will write until everything turns out



The night before the day of my birthday. I opted to spent it through social media, sending messages to my friends including “Don’t greet me through facebook just PM me on messenger/SMS instead. I just don’t want to spread in the whole entire world that today is my special day. Ahhm, what so great today? Actually I don’t want sumptous celebration like what other debut do. All I want is to spend it with my friends. By the way, I already made a choice. I guess my decision was right and I won’t regret it soon. But, for now it is the best way I know. 
I am legal now. Legal to do things on my own. The best thing that happened to my life is I am still single. Trough the 18th years of existence I’d be able to wait and live my life with oneself together with my genuine friends. I slept at already 12:10 am then I woke up 9:47 am. As the time running I am still lying on my bed. My mind was tired through mental torments (exam). My body was slightly at pain. On the other hand we’re done with final exam. It was already 5:00 pm. I decided to take a bath and strudge right away to Jirehyel’s place. I went there to get some help with Kathleen from our paper. When I get there, we chitchat for a while and suddenly Jirehyel asked me to come along with her at the kitchen. After a while she opened the other door and shouted at me. Suddenly, I saw Dennis handling a biscuit with lighting candle asking me to blow it. I really feel surprised when I saw Nanang at the room. All I just said was ahhh!. Of course I never used to wonder they would set a surprised party on my birthday. Back then, we already used to surprised each other on SOMEONE’S special day.

 Those moments we already know everytime our special day comes that our friends will be setting a surprised stuff for us. Before, we are just 4 in a gang who used to celebrate and surprised someone’s special day. But now, our gang flourished. I would like to acknowledge the presence of the following person who made my birthday at blast.

First Ms. Jirehyel Faith Manalo, I would like to extend my gratitude to you for making my special day more special. Thank you for the place and also for the accomodations, ( remember when I was in chaos and I tend to cry you let me sleep in your room?).

 Second, Thanks to Julie Ann Dela Cruz (Nanang) aka Maxine Medina who’s always willing to lend a hand everytime I need help. Who’s always there to protect and show me some courage to fight for life especially from my toxic classmates. I love the video you had made me. The significant change happened to you for the last ten years was your beloved one, no need to mention his name. The most significant change will happen to you ten years from now are; now that you have a blog just write whatever you want for it, It’s all yours but I wish you to fill it up with happy moments for you to cherish in the future, you’ll be professional for what ever you wanted to be, you’ll reach your dreams and lastly your lovelife will get into the serious and intimate one. Thank you Maxine for the friendship I love you. 

Third,  Thanks to Jacob Sabay aka Kylie Versoza for the efforts I really appreciated it from the bottom of my heart. I will forever be grateful to have you in my life. I know someday three things will happen to you. First is you’ll become a professional and well known make up artist don’t be anxious cause Make up Tax issue won’t be granted and continue to make everyone pretty as you are. Second, Blogger and Vlogger, more writings and videos to come. Lastly, BETTERHALF, you’ll find it very soon, just don’t forget to shield your heart from the wrong one. Make sure you’ll find someone better who deserves all your efforts and love. I wish you all the best I love you. Fourth, 

 Mr. Jaynald Avelino for his efforts as well in making my birthday more colorful and full of crafts. I love your long message( as in literal). Continue to pursue your dreams for whatever it would be. Fifth,  

Mr. Ken RB Enojas, honestly I would like to say sorry for pissing you off everyday. I just can’t help myself everytime I saw your obnoxious face. I wish you all the best and continue to preach. Sixth Ms. Farrah Batoy, thank you for your presence I really dont expect that you would come and greet me. Thank you and I love you. And lastly Ms. Kathleen Juanich, for the preparation of my birthday I love you and Thanks a lot. Furthermore, for the letters and pictures who sent me personally or online I love it and as I read it I felt it through my nerves every single word of it.

Saying gazillion thank you won’t be enough, for the efforts, money and time you guys have partake. I love you all


My better half

The first time I saw you on my window pane 

My attention caught up and eradicated my feeling of being spleen

At that time, I already watch you perpetually

You give ceaseless joy forever eternally
Your eyes glazed as it strike

Your lips pout as ruddy petals of rose

Your skin glows as dazzling diamonds

Your hair soothes as balmy flowers

After a whale of time

We turned as best chums

We spent our instance as you were mine

Our sense not at all mutate as bums

Our relationship became intimate

As we kiss I’ve felt my soul turn to blast

As we touch I’ve groped my body chirpy

Until one day we bent to devote ourselves into one

I’ve never percieved contriteness in my life til’ the day you were mine

Moments and memories will fade but we’ll cherish it every single day 

I just can’t think of anyone else 

that I would rather to be with for the rest of my life than you.

Sunday Currently | volume 06 |


My assignment in Science, this entry, and our Math stuff. 

Just my recent posts. Actually, I’m so busy this week due to our school’s activity. I wasn’t able to download books online. Can’t wait to have for real “The universe of us” by Langleav


Shape of you by Ed Sheeran. Love this song.


How to save money effectively. I really need it so bad. I’m not a wise spender. I tend to buy stuff which I merely dont need:(

And also how my day went by yesterday. Yesterday was a very tiring day. I wasn’t able to take my meals. I was like “My tummy is empty I’m so hungry, somebody please feed me”. 


The blue lemonade I’ve made myself. 


To grant my ultimate wish for this year 2017. Though, it’s a material thing but it can alter my mood and day. I wish to have it ASAP.


To acquire a good grade,though I didn’t study well before the exam. I’m still aiming for it.


My rest day, I’m so tired of yesterday’s activity at school. For now, I’m just wanna console this day to boost my energy that had been drained yesterday. 

Sunday Currently | volume 05 |


Secret Lovesong by Little Mix lyrics. Base on my interpretation and the article I’ve read, it has a deeper meaning than we first thought. It is a massive anthem for the LGBT community, on the other hand, When you listen to the song- a secret lovesong is interpreted as someone you shouldn’t be in a relationship, or simply with someone you Can’t be in a relationship.


This entry, it was my second post for the year 2017.

The Script’s playlist, since I have no access of internet and got nothing to do aside from writing, I just listen to it.

The adventures that me and my friends have partake. All of those are unplanned and I found it fun. 


The chips I’m eating. I bought this at the store when we’re done with our food.

For this year, would be good to me as 2016 does so far. 


I could be productive for this year and compose a lot.


This bunch *insert May, I badly miss this. For a long time we hangout again with the random unplanned adventures.

Hello!, 2017

So, it just happened! 2016, had taught me a countless stuff that eager me to change. I cried a little and laugh hard a lot. Met new people and sort them. Been in new places that I’ve never been before.I’ve change. For some people they found it bizarre for a timid and quite girl to alter her innate personality. But for the side of her, she found it hard and needs a lot of efforts and hardships. Going out of a shell is one of the toughest thing to do, you have to change the way you mingle with people, the way you carry your self, the way you speak and every single thing upon you that matters into a better change than before. I’ve live out with three kinds of people. First, people who give a tinker’s damn to me, which I really know that they’re doing all of those for the sake of my self. Which I can rely on everytime I am in need, people who scolded me everytime I do absurd stuff. People who laugh and cry with me. Those people I’ve along with during the happiness and sorrows of my life. These are my family and my bestfriend. Second, people who don’t give a damn on me, these people are my acquiantances, people I merely don’t know. Third, People who tinker my life into worst. I consider these kind of people as insecure and vain. They just want to know a lot about me, for them to spread ’em out. We as people have a right to express our own opinions and thoughts. However, we are not allowed to mess up our fellow’s feelings. These people who will say good things when you are around and will spit harsh stuff whenever you’re not at sight. I’ve learned already, lol I’m 17 years old now, I am matured enough to learn crap from me. I hope that 2017 will be a great year for me like 2016 have done to me. This year I want to improve my simple changes and be productive in life. I also want to meet other people and spend my time with the people I want to hang out with. Learn to be patient. The very best thing that I badly want to learn is not to give my trust easily. When I met people, I actually sort them out. I dont want to feel disappointed and hopeless as I’ve started trusting someone. I wanna shield my heart and soul. Not everyone in this world will say pleasant stuff towards me. I know where I should stand.